Friday, July 8


Dusty roads, big smiles and men with names like Obey, Active and Never are what come to mind when I think about my trip to Zimbabwe. I had the pleasure of traveling there for work last month to a small town called Beitbridge on the South African border.  The long drive through South African savannahs dotted with the mangled trunks of Baobab trees, passing through towns where funeral parlours were the fanciest buildings made it all too clear that I definitely was not home.

African Baobab Tree
Photo courtesty LaertesCTB
And my home was even harder to explain at the border.
Immigration officer: "Tree-nee-dad end Toobogo. My sistah, where is thees place?"

Wednesday, July 6

wordless wednesday - Mandela House

Sitting on the steps of Mandela's old house on Vilakazi Street, Soweto.

Sunday, July 3


As quickly as it came, it went. June is the month that literally vanished…leaving me here looking at the calendar thinking "where did the time go?" June also left a gaping whole in this Blog. I shamefully look at my last post date and think maybe June never happened.

Oh, but it did.

Disappointment after disappointment, broken promise of support after broken promise June. hit. hard.

Wednesday, May 25

power, money and LOVE

in direct contrast to my wordy posts, i'd like to start a new tradition on my Blog: "wordless wednesdays". no text;  just a photo or video.

i thought i'd kick off wordless wednesdays with this phenomenal TED Talk from Jessica Jackley, founder of <--- i'm such a fan. is the world's first online microlending platform.